Events & Festivals


Honest Conversations

Different topics on subjects that are both controversial and unspoken about in our social spaces, things we all think about but a more worried about being politically correct.


Sunrise & Sunset Silence Disco

Our Secret Sunday hangout is [BACK] by popular demand!

Join us every Sunday as we watch the Sunset in the coolest places in South Africa.


This is more than just an event it's a stand toward a greener planet and spreading love amongst people and places we visit on this event...


Art, Jazz & Rooftop Experience

A bit of a twist to our Nightlife experience. something a little laid back with a more relaxed and calm vibe.

This time, we check out a few interesting rooftops that are special and unique in the city. Ofcoz it wouldn't be an HTE experience without a sunset rooftop vibe before we get to the art exhibition, Dinner, and Jazz.

IMG_5590 (1).jpg

First Weekend in South Africa

First weekend is all about Art music, people and the coolest thing happening in the three biggest cities in South Africa.

This package is all you need for a weekend in South Africa the package is a combination of everything you need plus more.

Designed to showcase each city's creativity and beauty.

Don't think about it it